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Featured Products

Launching products and services is a specialty for Sick Consulting. Visit these sites to buy innovative products from our clients.

  • The Litter Robot - a self cleaning cat litter box: www.Litter-Robot.com
        • Clicking on the link will get you $25 off a Litter-Robot.

  • The Surf-Grip - a body surfing accessory.  Having helped companies launch dozens of products over the years, Michael Sick has a patented this product in 2008.Check this site for updates on the product: www.Surf-Grip.com

  • Mobile Edge -  Laptop bags and backpacks with protection for your gear and the latest features, designs and colors.  www.MobileEdge.com

  • 90 Proof USA - A subscription air freshener service with stylish designs.   www.90ProofUSA.com

Sick has extensive restaurant marketing experience including recent projects with: 



Product licenses are available for the "Get the Sickness" Brand. Let us know what type of products you would like to see with the Sickness brand.

Licensing rights are available on multiple product categories.

"New products are the growth engines for most companies." -Michael Sick

Get the Sickness!  Believe you can get better every day.