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MBO - Marketing Budget Optimization   Are you getting the maximum impact from our marketing budget?

Outsourcing Could Save You Money  You could be paying 81% more than the nominal "hourly rate" when you calculate the overhead Costs and the actual productive hours of work.

How to Establish a Marketing Budget  A discussion of some of the various approaches to determining the marketing budget for your company. 

Social Marketing – Content vs. Pay For Play  Updates on the changing impact of social marketing

Linked In – B2B Marketing Tactics  Insights and observations about Linked In.

Telecommuting – Outsourcing – Building a Virtual Team  Comments and thoughts on building Virtual Teams.

A Primer to Google Analytics  A basic introduction to some of the capabilities of Google Analytics.

A Sharks Tale   A whimsical tale about how to develop tactics to compete with larger competitors.


I blogged for some time on Blogspot on random topics with an eye towards observing competitive strategy and applying the belief that you can get better everyday to the economy, the government, and global affairs.  I am now adding this content to this website.  To check out the historical posts, go to Blogspot.  



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