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Family Tradition

An original novel of fiction by Michael Sick


Family Tradition is a tale of blood, tears and olive oil. Seeking a better life in America, the Fiorini and Gianelli families opened a market in Manhattan's Little Italy in the early 1900's. When the Fiorini's decide to return to the old country, they arrange to leave their daughter Rosa to marry Luigi, the son of the Gianelli's to solidify their partnership in blood. When the violence of WWI results in the death of her husband, brother and father, Rosa is forced into an unusual role for a woman--leading her extended family in managing the growing business. Only through sheer will, determination and unusual relationships that she forges is Rosa able to face the prejudices, obstacles and violence that confront her at every turn. Aldo, her brother in law, has designs on the fast track to wealth that gambling and bootlegging can provide and he places the interests of crime families in front of the safety and well being of his own extended family. Bubbling over with treachery, bloodshed and corruption, Rosa summons up a remarkable amount of personal power and perseverance to survive and emerge as an extraordinary business owner and mother.

Little Italy provides a richly textured melting pot of characters for this saga which includes Vittorio, Rosa's childhood friend who entered the priesthood when she married, Tom McGovern - son of an Irish farmer and Franco - a successful businessman some 40 years older than Rosa who takes a mysterious interest in her and the sadistic Baldino brothers. Family Tradition is a tapestry of ethnic immigrant influences, the American experience and personal struggles interwoven against a backdrop of war, prohibition and organized crime.

A novel of 124,000 words that combines elements of Roots crossed with the Godfather. Currently seeking literary representation.


Michael Sick is a well traveled senior marketing executive with 30 years of experience working for well known consumer brands and advertising agencies. Over the years Michael Sick has written hundreds of marketing plans, some of which have been widely acclaimed to be major works of fiction. Michael Sick has a BS from SUNY Buffalo with additional coursework from NYU Film school and the Harvard Business School.

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